Leigh-Ann Stewart
Leigh-Ann Stewart is a licensed minister in the Church of God, called into the ministry at age 18 and finally surrendering at age 23. She has served in the ministry for the last 28 years as a Worship Pastor, Student Pastor, and Teacher and is an Evangelist. In 2020, Leigh-Ann lost her husband of almost 20 years at age 47. “Widow” was never a title she dreamed she would be assigned. The Lord has given her grace and strength to continue in ministry, not just to survive but to thrive. She has been brought from death to life five times, and her mission is to make heaven crowded and make Jesus famous. She tells her story in her first book, My Rescue Story. She is the mother of 4 amazing kids, Vince, Raven (Ralph), Brady (Kelsey), and Caleb, and “Jelly” to two grandsons, Aiden and Lucas.